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talking about and asking me, is it true. it true that you guys are going to cuted mei-cal, the medicaid program in california. said no, not us guys, but yes there is a proposal in congress to seriously cut medicaid and therefore medi-cal. they said don't they understand that that's how my husband is supported in the nursing home? what are we to do if those cuts force him out of the nursing home? the reality is that that could happen. because we have a budget on the floor that 435 of us will be voting on in the next couple of days that actually will reduce e medicaid and therefore medi-cal in california by about a third. a third cut. and therefore that lady who was concerned about her husband's care in the nursing home will find a problem. she and perhaps many, many other, not perhaps, definitely, many other senior citizens are going to find their opportunity to have care in a nursing home removed. and it's a very serious issue. because who are those people hat are going to see their medi-cal or medicaid support significantly reduced by one third? here they are. 2/3 of them are seniors a
in debt if you don't mind telling us? caller: total in order to get an mba i went to cal state and accrued about $40,000. host: thanks for the phone call. here's a tweet saying the fed's low interest rate make savings an expense. democratic caller, hi joseph. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: morning. caller: i've been watching you guys and wanted to talk to you about this. host: ok, go ahead. caller: if i make a joke out of retire and i retired in 2000 and used to work in the oil farm in south buoy. and i came out couple years after the firemen got killed. i got my pension and my 401-k. i'm in local 57 and i was the last one to -- the express way and blue route and i still think the 401-k can do it but now they are taking the 401-k and putting it in the stock and once in a while you go up and down but when i came out i had mean so i got my social security and my pension. now personally, my social security and my pensions, i get two pensions because if you do another trade you get another pension. i did 30 years and 75 years. host: so joseph, are you going to be able to live co
decorations denied even though they made a numb cal mark it because he ability only economic impacts. >> i understand but we've got to figure out a way to have a better assessment. the original per capita dicator is 137 today, yet it hadn't been changed. there is no inflation basis to it. there is nothing to it. we have to work together with secretary don van and you to figure out how do we know when to apply, when is our state overwhelmed? >> the whole purpose of disaster aid -- and in oklahoma we're the highest state in the country as far as disasters in the last year but some of those didn't overwhelm oklahoma's capability. so we need to figure out together how we do this more effectively to really help states when they are overwhelmed versus not helping when they are not, especially when states have surpluses. like oklahoma has a surplus. we put $600 million in the bank last year. >> we go through in the sandy recovery improvement act. you've asked to us look at this. we do fine with the general accounting. we look at what is the outcome we're trying to achieve. if it's less disasters
student population that would benefit from this bill. such as cal-poly pomona, san bernardino valley community college, and u.c. riverside. education is a future investment. it is our obligation to assist veterans with job training and economic opportunity in return for their service to our country. the speaker pro tempore: the time of the gentlelady has expyred. for what purpose does the gentlelady from north carolina rise? ms. foxx: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. ms. foxx: every american family and small business knows that budgets have to be balanced to be uh sustainable. for year, washington hasn't been balancing its budget. the senate hasn't even been passing them. house republicans have had enough of this washington exceptionalism. we've introduced a budget for the federal government that will balance in just 10 years. budgets reveal priorities and house republicans have revealed ours. we want to build a stronger, more prosperous future for this yen ration and the next. we want to
about, can i get a short-term tatty cal advantage there or here? they need to say to themselves what is the big picture and how do we get this done? that is ultimately i believe both people want. i think it is interesting that my speech in jerusalem, some of the strongest applause came when i addressed the israeli people and i said you have to think about the palestinian children like your own children. it tapped into something that they understood. that gives me hope. i think that shows there's a possibility there. but it is hard. what i also said was ultimately people have to help provide the structures for leaders to take some difficult risks. so that's why i wanted to speak directly to the israeli people and the palestinian people. so they can help empower their leadership to make some difficult decisions and tradeoffs in order to achieve a compromise where neither side will get 100% of what they want. we're going to try to make it happen. >> thank you, mr. president. mr. president, you have said repeatedly on this trip and before, that all options are on the table to stop iran f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5